When I was preparing for the EP I wanted to do a cover that music lovers could relate to and know, rather than having an entire set of original songs. I had been going through all my CD’s just trying to find the “right song” when my Dad suggested I listen to this particular song. I remember his words vividly “It’s a great song Jac, not many people have done it and it’s one of my favourites!” I listened to the song and not that I like to admit this often, but Dad was right!

Sam Brown's original version is very powerful and moving, I did not want to just record her song, I wanted to put my own interpretation out there. So when I told the producers that I wanted to do this, they suggested that the song be recorded using a Fender Rhodes to create a more haunting sound. The lyrics of the song really struck me and I emersed myself into what I would feel like if the man I loved so deeply was cheating on me and the emotive and haunting delivery that came out is what you hear on the recording. I could feel the pain and humiliation welling up inside me when I was in the recording booth laying the vocal track. I hope you enjoy my version!