At the time of this song I had just had my heart broken. I had been head over heels in love with a guy who I thought felt the same way, only to find out that he didn’t.

Everyone handles rejection differently, some girls will sit down and cry while eating an entire tub of ice-cream or a block of chocolate. Some will hit the town with her friends to try and find a “replacement”, while others might drive past the guys house after dark just to see if he’s home.

Me, I write a song about it. A fellow musician friend once told me "songwriting is the best form of therapy", so with tears running down my face and the thoughts of “why aren’t I good enough for him” running through my head, so too were the lyrics to Close to Crazy.

I sat on these lyrics for some time and it wasn’t until I was preparing for the EP, that Randal spotted this song and re-arranged the melody for it, helping to make it the power ballad it is today.